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Premade ebook covers, audiobook covers and Createspace print covers for indie authors. Genres include romance, thrillers, horror, sci-fi, fantasy and children's book covers. 

Frequently asked questions

If you have a question that is not answered below, please contact us.

+ What size will my cover be?

We design premade ebook covers which are 1600 pixels wide x 2400 pixels high. This has been shown to be a generic book cover size which is accepted by most of the major ebook retailers. We can adjust the size for you if necessary, depending on where you wish to sell your book.

+ What format will my cover be produced in?

All our premade ebook covers are produced in JPEG format. Our KDP full print covers (front, back and spine) are provided in both PDF and JPEG format. Audiobook covers are produced in JPEG format also.

+ Can I purchase the ebook cover now and upgrade to print at a later date?

Yes you can.

+ Can I change my cover after I have received my completed file?

Should you wish to change an aspect of your design post completion, please contact us. There will generally be an additional charge for this.

+ My page count has changed. Can you adjust the print cover?

Yes we can. However, there is a charge of £25 for any trim size/page count adjustments once design work has commenced.

+ Do you design Custom Covers?

Yes we do. Prices start from £200 for custom ebook covers. We are currently taking our final bookings for design work to be completed in 2019.

+Can I purchase the cover art only without any text?

No. All covers must include your title and author name.

+ Can you reserve a cover for me?

If you would like us to hold a cover for you, full payment is required.

+ Can I use a working title until I've completed my book?

Yes. If you'd like to purchase one of our covers you can use a temporary title until the book is completed. There is no charge for this service, providing your book title is changed prior to publication.

+ Can you create an illustrated cover design for me?

No, we are not illustrators. All our designs are created by manipulating photographic stock images. Should you be looking for a bespoke illustrated book cover, you will need to purchase your cover (or cover image) from an illustrator.

+ Can you change the picture in the design for me?

We are not able to add/change/remove items of clothing from models in the images. However, if it's a colour change or removal of one of the other elements in the design, we may be able to help. There will be an additional charge for this due to the design time involved. Please contact us for details.

+ Do you design book covers for KDP?

Yes we provide KDP covers which include front, back and spine. Your file will be sent to you in PDF format. When purchasing the premade ebook cover and print package, you will also receive a selection of free 3D renders of the book to help with your marketing. Should you have any further questions regarding our KDP print covers, please do contact us.

+ I have purchased my own ISBN number. Can you place it on the cover?

Yes we can.

+ Can I see a mockup of my cover before I submit my payment?

We are exceptionally busy and are unable to provide mockups prior to purchase.

+ Can I use the same cover for subsequent books in my series?

Due to licensing restrictions, we are unable to use the same image for use as a series. We will happily match covers so they tie together by using the same font(s) and/or similar images from the same photographer.

+ Do you sell print covers for Lightning Source?

At this time we only offer full print covers for upload to KDP.

+ Do you do cover redesigns/revamps?

If you already have a book cover design but would like to give it a revamp, we may be able to help. Prices for this service start from £60 depending on the amount of design work involved. Please contact us for further information.

+ Can you provide me with the PSD file once my cover is complete?

We do not provide editable, layered PSD files of our covers. Should you require an adjustment to your cover after completion, please contact us. We are happy to discuss any changes you require.

+ What size are your audiobook covers?

We produce audiobook covers at 2400 x 2400 pixels and that have an image resolution of 300dpi.

+ I would like to change my author name/title. Can you do this?

Prior to completion, we are happy to make changes free of charge. Once your book has been published online, we cannot change cover titles. However, we can change your author name if you wish. Please contact us for details.

+ Do I own sole rights to the photograph used in the cover design?

No, but you DO own sole rights to the actual cover design we produce for you. Although we do purchase stock images for use due to their exceptional quality, we invariably add additional textures and/or other design elements to the image to create a final ebook cover that is completely unique.

+ I do not live in the UK. Can I still order a book cover from you?

Yes of course! We welcome customers from all over the world and are happy to discuss your book cover requirements. Payment can be made via Paypal, who will convert your currency to GBP automatically.

+ Do you offer unlimited revisions?

On custom cover designs, yes we do. However, due to time constraints, we no longer offer unlimited revisons on our premade book covers. You will still receive up to three rounds of drafts, if necessary, completely free of charge prior to completion. This has proved to be ample for most of our customers. Subsequent changes are provided at £10 per revision.

+ How long do your custom covers take?

Initial drafts are generally provided within 4/5 days. Once you have chosen the design you'd like to go with, you will receive your completed cover within 48 hours.

+ Will anyone else be able to buy the same ebook cover design?

No. When you purchase a cover from us, it is removed from the site and will not be offered for sale again. All images on our premade and custom book covers are used once only and do not feature on any of our future covers. As with most book cover designers, we do use stock photography, but change our images whenever possible to create book cover designs that are unique and will help your book sell.

+ Are there any restrictions on using my design?

You may sell up to 500,000 copies of your book without any restrictions whatsoever. Should your book become incredibly successful and you sell more than 500,000 copies, an Enhanced License would then be required.

+ I'm a cover designer. Can I sell my covers through your website?

All our ebook and KDP book covers are produced by our own designers here at TCC. We do not sell book covers produced by anyone else.

+ How often are new ebook covers uploaded to the site?

We add new book cover designs at least twice a week.

Should you have a question that has not been answered above, please contact us.