The Cover Collection


Premade ebook covers, audiobook covers and Createspace print covers for indie authors. Genres include romance, thrillers, horror, sci-fi, fantasy and children's book covers. 


“The Cover Collection is one of the best book cover design companies out there. I use them all the time.”

- Stephen Leather, Sunday Times Bestselling Author


"I’m thrilled with the cover. Thanks again for such a quick turnaround and a professional job."

- C.L. Taylor, Sunday Times Bestselling Author

"Thank you so much!! You are incredible! I will praise your name to all!!"

- Claudia Connor, New York Times Bestselling Author


"Thank you for the quick turnaround! They all look great. Thanks so much for matching that up so well. It's perfect!"

- Kaitlyn Cross, New York Times Bestselling Author

"I am very happy that I chose The Cover Collection for the design of my book The Legend of Things Past -Beyond Futuristic Adventures for both ebook and paperback.  I had such a wonderful experience working with them and can't say enough about Debbie who did a terrific job. The art work looks great on a digital screen as it does in paperback.  If you are looking for a very professional organization who can deliver a high quality cover, then this is who I give my highest recommendation."

- Phillip Sheppard,  star of CBS show Survivor

"Working with The Cover Collection has consistently been an outstanding experience. Lauren is always punctual, and offers a variety of font options on the premade covers, all of which are carefully and cleverly designed. When I've requested modifications to the cover image, the changes have been intelligent, attentive, and economical. Numerous readers have emailed me with positive feedback about their work. And if readers approve, then as an author I'm happy."

Jason Werbeloff

"I wanted to update the covers of my three novels and struck gold when I found The Cover Collection and more importantly, Debbie. I am so impressed with every aspect of her service which is professional, fast and extremely friendly. Once I placed my order Debbie did her utmost to ensure the finished product was just as I wanted it and produced beautiful covers for my books.I will definitely be using her again and look forward to a continued collaboration with The Cover Collection  and will be recommending Debbie to other authors wherever possible."

- Patricia Dixon

“I don’t remember how I first stumbled upon The Cover Collection’s site, but I do remember noticing a problem immediately:  Their covers are too good!  Every time I visit the site, I see at least two dozen covers I would love to purchase.  If only I were prolific enough to justify it!  Regardless, for the past year I have been a very happy repeat customer and will remain one so long as they continue to offer such fantastic covers at reasonable prices.”

Harambee K. Grey-Sun

"LOVE IT! You are awesome. I just thought yesterday, 'why didn't I do this before?' Your process is so quick, your covers look very professional (trust me, I have looked at a LOT of cover designers over the years), and you are affordable. Thanks so much for providing such a FANTASTIC cover! I've been getting some phenomenal feedback on it"

K.J. Gillenwater

"The Cover Collection makes covers that look like a million bucks. They are affordable, high-quality, and visually striking. Their turn-around time is crazy quick and you couldn’t ask for nicer folks. If you want that final bit of polish that only a pro can give, contact The Cover Collection. Seriously, they are that good."

- Kevin Lee Swaim

"I have used The Cover Collection on my last three self-published novels. I intend to use them again in the future...again and again. Their layout is spectacular, their promptness is remarkable and their customer service is superior, I whole heartedly recommend them. Their covers for me are Metal Boxes, Empty Space, & How to Start, Write and Finish Your First Novel. You can see these on my Amazon Author Page."

- Alan Black

"I just love love love working with Debbie! She is truly a gifted artist. I really don’t understand why she doesn’t charge more. Her covers are works of art and she knows how to boil down the essence of a story into one picture that can attract the eye of a potential reader.  I’ve used her several times for my novels and each time she’s come through with a cover that’s exactly what I wanted & that has boosted my sales.  I’ve been so happy with the work she’s done for me and she’s always gone the extra mile to make sure I’m thrilled with the final result. She and her team at The Cover Collection are the best!"

Anna Mara

"The Cover Collection is a sheer delight! As a first-time indie author, I was stressed out over what to do about my cover, but working with them made cover creation painless. After I selected an image from their gallery, they adjusted the title and author name until I was happy with it. In a very short time, I had an eye-catching cover that I am very proud of. Their service is quick and friendly, and their covers are both beautiful and affordable. I am very impressed with the speed and quality of their service, and I will work with them again in the future."

- K.T. Hunter

"Wow, they look great. Thank you so, so much!! This new cover has massively improved my sales!!"

- Robert Enright

"The Cover Collection had provided me with both the skills I, and most other authors, lack, and quality of covers that leaves me astounded every time. Thanks partially to their skills and dedication to their craft, I have been able to sell tens of thousands of books, and know I can rely on them to sell plenty more"

- Alaric Longward

"Very highly recommend The Cover Collection for indie book covers. Extremely professional service and the covers are amazing!"

- Heather Atkinson

"Words can't express how pleased I am with the excellent work this company carries out. My latest book: "A Hatful of Stories" has drawn unprecedented praise from everyone who has seen the cover. "Gorgeous", "Fabulous" and "Enchanting" are only a few of the words of praise that's been heaped on it. Would definitely commission more covers from The Cover Collection."

- K.A. Jack

"What attracted me to The Cover Collection were the professional looking covers.  I had checked numerous web pages and kept coming back to Debbie’s site. Each and every one looked like a book I could see on any retail website or shelf in a brick and mortar book store.  I purchased my first cover from The Cover Collection and the final workup blew me away.  What I learned very quickly was that a great looking cover was not all they provided.  It was not even the most important thing they provided.  When you choose The Cover Collection what you get is a teammate, someone who will do whatever it takes to ensure that the story you are writing will make the absolute best first impression possible.  The level of customer service and energy The Cover Collection puts behind every project they do is awe-inspiring.  They are not just providing a service; they are passionate about being on your writing/publishing/marketing team. 

These are some of the things you get with The Cover Collection:

·         The absolute best looking covers imaginable. 

·         Support that rivals anything you will see anywhere.  

·         A team that is as passionate about your success as you are. 

What you do NOT get with The Cover Collection are high prices and a “hired gun” mentality.  There are sites that charge exorbitant fees to get hundreds of designers to compete for your cover design.  Do you think those designers are interested in your success?  Will they be around to support you if you have questions?  They are interested in winning the “bid” and getting the money.  The Cover Collection has design professionals who do the work and stand behind their projects.  They have higher quality and lower prices than any other site out there as far as I am concerned and for me there is no other option for book covers than Debbie and her team at The Cover Collection."

Philip A. McClimon

"One of the things I enjoy as an independent author is being able to participate in the book cover design process. Still, I am a writer, not a book cover artist and knew I needed professional help with an upcoming book entitled 'Loving David.' I've seen many artist portfolios and can honestly say none resonated with me like The Cover Collection's. They truly are master talents and I couldn't have been happier with the book cover for 'Loving David,' so much so that I asked Debbie to design a new cover for a previously published novel of mine, 'Alone Among People.' Again, Debbie and her team EXCEEDED my expectations. I absolutely love Debbie's pleasant professionalism, timely delivery, and especially her creative instincts. I gave very little input.

At this point, I cannot see myself ever using any other company or designer for my covers and would highly recommend The Cover Collection to other independent authors, as well as traditional publishing houses looking for fresh ideas. And to Debbie, thank you so much for your kindness and wonderful work. It's a joy to collaborate with you and I look forward to our future literary endeavors."

D. M. Anthony

"When I first began, I searched over a hundred sites on the internet trying to find a decent cover for my book.  Every time I'd look, I'd always end up back at The Cover Collection site.  I liked the quality look and the variety of covers available.  Finally, I took the plunge and purchased one of their covers, not expecting a lot of contact from the company.  Very much to my delight, The Cover Collection and I went back and forth with e-mails and proofs over the next week until I was happily satisfied with the look.  The extra touch up, font changes, placing the title in different areas - it was well worth the price I paid.  I had such a grand experience, I came back again, purchased another cover and got the same great service.  These people never sleep, they're always up and at work!  I'm working on the next book, and no doubt, I'll do my cover business with these folks."

Mingo Twain

"I found The Cover Collection by complete accident through a simple googled search. Little did I know that it would literally change my business in a way I never thought possible. Debbie is not only the nicest, more sincere and helpful person I've ever met, but she also knows how to make one heck of a cover! The impact of her incredible, eye catching designs was immediate and powerful. I literally get emails saying "I got your book just because of it's cover", but after they read the book then they like it. A fan that never would have existed without a wonderful cover.

You may think I'm not being genuine, or that I'm being paid off for this review. No, instead the reasoning behind my immense gratitude is simply how incredibly well Debbie has treated me as a person. She's always going out of her way for me, and like I said is one of the nicest people I know. This is simply the best way I know to repay that kindness, and am happy to be able to do it!

Debbie's covers are one of a kind. Not just because of the design and graphics, but because of the heart of the person behind them."

David Archer

"Absolutely love The Cover Collection! Personable staff, quick service and very reasonable prices, in addition to top tier art, I expect to use the site over and over again. Couldn't be more pleased."

- Gina Ranalli

“One of the most exciting moments in the life of any writer is finally laying eyes on the face of a project. After two years, I had an idea of what I wanted that face to look like but was dreading the prospect of trying to communicate that vision to an artist. Then I happened upon The Cover Collection, and there it was — the cover of my dreams, staring back at me like it had been waiting all that time. I bought it within 15 minutes. A little more than a day later, Debbie had the finished cover to me. I can’t say enough about her work and how satisfied I am with my experience. This definitely won’t be the last time she puts a face on one of my projects.”

- Logan Thomas Snyder

"First I'd like to say thank you!  TCC is an all around great company to work with.  The art is very professionally done, not beginner level stuff either!  I bought a pre-made cover and asked for a change to be made.  They had no problem with the change and had the eBook cover done and ready within 24 hours.  The companion paperback cover was done only a couple of days later, and it only took that long because I needed a full day to get certain info ready for them.  They've even thrown some promos around without any extra charge.  Unexpected but fantastic!  5 stars, A+."

A L Wright

"I've worked with Debbie at The Cover Collection on two covers in the past year - one romantic suspense cover and the other contemporary fiction. Her attention to detail and willingness to please make the cover design process easy and stress free. She doesn't stop working until the customer is happy. I'm pleased with the covers and look forward to working with her again in the future."

Sharleen Scott

“Having searched for months looking for the perfect design for my eBook, and having many laughable and cheesy drafts, I found Debbie. I was able to browse through a library of great pre-made covers until I found one that jumped out at me, in fact quite a few jumped out…..but my heart settled on one in particular. With Debbie’s magic touch she produced a cover that actually brought a tear to my eye. She made the reality of thousands of words feel as if I had finally achieved my dream. Debbie’s work is superb, and although I stalked her with my many questions, she always took the time to respond to me with lightning speed. It honestly felt as if I was working with a dear friend who had as much passion for my work as I did, I can’t thank her enough.”

K.C. Barnard

"I've been an author for a long time... a long, long time.  I burst on the scene long before the current digital age.  The first several novels I sold were written on a typewriter.  You've heard of those, haven't you?  I've been with large publishers, small publishers, and lately I've dipped into self-publishing. And I can tell you there's one thing about book publishing that hasn't changed over the years, and that's if you want to give your book a chance at success in the marketplace, you need a good, professional book cover.  Debbie and The Cover Collection deliver more than good, professional covers--they deliver awesome, eye-catching covers.  The price is right, too, and their service is top notch.  The Cover Collection will be creating covers for me for a long time to come, and if you're smart, they'll create covers for you, too. There are few hidden gems in the publishing game.  The Cover Collection is one of them."

- E Van Lowe

"I can say in all honesty that the service I have received from ‘The Cover Collection’ has been second to none. They are helpful; discreetly guiding, and at all times demonstrate patience in the extreme. Experience has taught me to look no further than ‘The Cover Collection' for all my requirements. They are my first and last port of call."

A.N. Field